Police Raided a House in Sibolga, Four Residents Arrested

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SmartNews, Tapanuli – The police raided a house on Jalan Kesturi Gg Fishermen in Aek Habil Village, Sibolga Selatan District, Sibolga City, North Sumatra (North Sumatra) on Saturday morning (6/13/2020).

The raids were carried out after police got information a group of young men were having a drug party at the house.

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Sibolga Police Chief AKBP Triyadi through Iptu R Sormin Head of Public Relations Sub Unit explained that South Sibolga Sector Police personnel who received the information then went to the TKP.

“The house raid was carried out at approximately 02:30 WIB by South Sibolga Police personnel and managed to arrest 4 people, 1 person escaped (homeowner),” Sormin told reporters on Monday (6/22/2020).

It was explained, the four residents arrested, the initials MFR (26) driver, residents of the BTN Aek Tolang complex, Pandan District, Central Tapanuli (Tapteng).

The initials are RMS (33) private employees, residents of Oswald Siahaan street, Aek Tolang Sub-district, Tapteng. Initials DRS (27) self-employed, resident of the Sibolga-Padangsidimpuan Gg Sari Utama road, Sibuluan Village, Tapteng.

Then the initials RN (37) car painters, residents of the Village Hajoran, District Kalangan Tapteng.

“Before being secured, initially the five residents in the house played gambling leng, and finally they consumed shabu-shabu,” he explained.

Sormin further explained, the methamphetamine used by the suspects was purchased from the owner of the house (identity has been bagged).

“Likewise, the tools used by the suspects suck the shabu-shabu, owned by the homeowner,” he said.

From around the room of the house the police seized evidence of a small package of methamphetamine wrapped in clear plastic, a cigarette box containing two small packages of methamphetamine wrapped in clear plastic clip weighing 3.02 grams and other evidence.

“The four suspects together with further evidence were taken to the South Sibolga Police Headquarters, and were handed over later to the Satrarknoba for further investigation,” he explained.

To account for his actions, the four suspects detained at the RTP Sibolga Police Station allegedly committed criminal acts of narcotics abuse as referred to in article 114 paragraph (1) Subs article 112 paragraph (1) Jo article 132 of RI Law No. 35 of 2009 concerning narcotics with threats sentences above 5 years. (pr_snt)

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